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You’ve come to the right place! Pick up the phone and call to book an appointment with a highly experienced mileage correction specialist. We offer a fast mobile mileage correction service, using the latest under bonnet technology.

What is mileage correction?

In simple terms mileage correction is resetting the mileage on a digital odometer to the correct reading when it has become corrupted for a variety of reasons. Advances
in car technology have meant that most modern cars and other vehicles are now fitted with a digital dashboard which is cheaper to make and generally more reliable than a mechanical dashboard. As with all new technologies there are some problems with digital dashboards, and the potential for the odometer to become corrupt due to electrical pulses from the car’s electrical system is one of them. Mileage correction is the process of returning the mileage reading to its true value. It is also known as ‘mileage adjustment’ or ‘mileage recalibration’.

When would you need mileage correction services?

You may need to contact a mileage correction specialist for any of the following reasons:
• You have been in an accident and the damage has corrupted your odometer;
• Your dashboard has been vandalised and the mileage reading is now wrong;
• Your car has been jump started and this has corrupted the mileage reading;
• You have had to replace your instrument cluster with a new or second hand unit and the odometer is displaying the wrong mileage value.

Call Us today on 079 4437 1561 for a fast discreet service with an experienced mileage correction specialist.


We utilises the highest quality under bonnet mileage correction equipment. This ensures that it is only the mileage reading that is updated and that none of the other electronic data stored in your car is affected. Our equipment is designed specifically for mileage correction.

Attention to detail

Electrical data can be stored on a modern car in a variety of places. We ensures that the mileage reading is updated in all of these areas.


Our mobile units are reliable and discreet and we offer a same or next day call out service to your home or workplace. We cover the whole of the London and surrounding areas.

Is mileage correction legal?

Mileage correction is a perfectly legal and often necessary process. Mileage correction services with the intent that they are solely for legal purposes. Booking an appointment with us is confirmation that you believe the mileage reading on your odometer to be incorrect and that the value you ask us to reset it to is the true value. If you sell your vehicle after mileage correction has taken place, it is your responsibility to inform the purchaser that this process has been performed.

!!!Remember!!! Failing to inform the buyer is illegal, and if you intentionally use mileage correction to defraud a buyer, that is a serious offence.


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